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A valuable service that Sky's the Limit provides is the Human Resources generalist function.

Companies with no Human Resources person on site that need assistance, or perhaps the company with the novice that needs mentoring and direction to reach a higher level are ideal clients. Also available in HR Consulting Services is the "hotline" to assist in resolving HR issues, HR audits, providing clients with answers to questions that could include governmental compliance requirements to sexual harassment investigation procedures as well as how to handle employee relations issues and how to interview candidates legally. For a monthly fee, the hotline is available to handle all of these important matters.

HR projects can range from development or rewriting the employee handbook, policy development and/or revision, orientation programs, performance management programs, recruiting retention and turnover analysis, contract recruiting, and development or reward/recognition programs.

Personal and professional coaching includes:

  • Team building and Leadership work with groups
  • Diversity assistance with individuals or groups
  • Coaching the whole person to achieve desired life goals
  • Working with teams or individuals who want to enhance their lives and careers
  • Working with teams or individuals to identify and achieve goals

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