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Sky's the Limit Coaching & Consulting understands that groups and individuals have issues that are unique to the company and/or situation. Many managers are technically very sound and educated, but have limited people skills and are struggling. Communication is bad because there is too much history in the group and there are no "virgin eyes" to see a clear path. This can sometimes paralyze both managers and their teams.

Coaching may be the solution if any of the following applies to you as a group or individually:

  • Do you have changes coming or changes that groups/individuals are struggling with?
  • Do you have newly promoted individuals with no previous leadership, supervisory or management experience?
  • Are current mid-to-upper level managers running rough shod over people and productivity is down or commitment is waning?
  • Are you aware of any executives that appear to be misunderstood by others?
  • Do you think an individual executive is impeding good communication within the organization?
  • Are your executives having difficulty evaluating their own performance, because it is difficult to get objective feedback?
  • Do you have generational issues that are creating a difficult working environment?

Sky's the Limit coaching sessions are customized with the company's or organization's leaders to determine if sessions should be on a group or individual basis. Issues are discussed in detail and confidentially, prior to scheduling. In group coaching, discussions, skill practicing exercises and case studies are designed specifically to give practice to groups in problem areas without directly involving specific individuals. In individualized coaching, we confidentially help the manager focus more on specific problem solving, singular growth/development and how it will influence commitment on a personal and professional level.

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