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Sky's the Limit Coaching and Skill Development Workshops for Your People and Organizations

    • Generational Diversity and Differences in the Workplace: How to figure out your co-workers and what makes them think the way they do. Supervision and communication between generations made easier!
    • Train the Trainer: How to put together training efforts in the workplace that will get and keep their attention.
    • How to use PowerPoint without inducing a coma and use of active learning techniques!
    • Playing Nice at Work: How to navigate difficult situations and resolve conflict.
    • Discovering the Leader Within: Bringing Out Your Leadership Style.
    • Who Moved Your Cheese? Handling workplace change in tough times.
    • Talk to Me! Fine-Tuning communication skills for managers and leaders.
    • Living a More Productive Life Through Course of Habit (Uses Covey's 7 Habits)
    • Who's Calling the Ball? How to be an effective coach and use coaching methods in your workplace.
    • Between Opportunities or, What Do I Want to Be Now That I'm Grown Up?
    • Understanding Today’s New Diversity Challenges.
    • Legal Issues for Managers.
    • You've Got to Know When to Hire'em and Know When to Fire'em: Skills for recruiting and termination.
    • There is no "I" in TEAM, How to Get Everyone Going the Same Direction.
    • You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks: effective training techniques for the workplace.

This represents a partial list of offerings. New Coaching and Skill Development workshops are regularly being created! Call Today for a complete list of available Coaching and Skill Development workshops. All workshop sessions are customized according to your needs.


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